Funded Hours

EYFE Funded Hours Information for Parents and Carers

All three and four year olds and some two year olds are, from the term after their second or third birthdays, eligible for early years free entitlement (EYFE) funded hours 570 hours stretched over 48 weeks per year(this equates to 12 hours a week at Little Sprouts). Some three and four year olds are eligible for up to 1140 extended hours, stretched over the 48 week year (24 per week at Little Sprouts) if their parent/s/ carers are eligible. For further information go to the government’s Childcare Choices website.

I offer one stand alone place that must be used over one or two full days during the week, minimum 6 hours per day. 

The number of EYFE hours available per week are based on the hours your child attends in the week. Your child must attend at least two 7 hour days per week to qualify for their full funding (if not the stand alone offer). To qualify for the extended 30 hour funding your child must attend 5 days per week. Funded hours will be deducted from your monthly invoice and once your weekly funded allowance runs out, hours will be charged at the usual hourly rate. Non funded items will be charged as consumables at £6/ day. 

Notice period for contract termination is one month. Deposits will be refunded once termination period has expired. 

Parents/ caters must inform the setting of their desire to claim funded hours as soon as their child/ children turn two/ three and funding will be applied on the next eligible headcount. Late claims will result in delayed funding.

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