We really struggled to find somewhere we were happy to send our son, and upon meeting Sophie at Little Sprouts I couldn’t have signed up him up fast enough. I knew instantly this was the place I wanted him to spend his days when I had to work.

Everything about Sophie at Little Sprouts is beyond incredible, Sophie is creative, nurturing, loving and brings out the best in my boy. He has made so many friends and is always coming back with new words and the environment he is in continues to nurture and help him thrive.

I love it when he comes back with paint in his hair and a new painting – he’s doing everything he should be as a child, exploring and playing. The food Sophie also provides is nutritious and often straight from the ground in the garden!

I always say to my friends, if I was a child again and I could have picked anywhere to go to nursery it would have been Little Sprouts! Thank you Sophie x