The Space

Little Sprouts is based in a beautiful purpose built log cabin. The space is open, natural and filled with bright sunshine.

The large double doors of the cabin are almost always found open, so that children can flow freely outside onto the stunning deck and Astro Turf area. This spacious deck is always filled with exciting new things to discover, and rich learning opportunities.

Coming back inside there are endless opportunities for children to get stuck into something that is of interest to them right now.  It is a calm, nurturing environment, ideal for exploration and learning. With an ever changing role play area, a chance to get creative in the messy zone and a cosy corner where children can get snuggly in a blanket and look at a book of their choice. There are puzzles and chalks, construction and small world…

I asked a 10 year old expert what she thought about the Little Sprouts space and here is what she said. “It is very homely and natural and comfortable. And when you come in you feel… you just feel like it’s the place to be. You want to be in here. For children this is the place to learn about everything”.

I don’t think I could have put it better myself.

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